There may be for some, like myself, who are somewhat confusioned between the Ripple Effect Program and the Schools Building Schools initiative.

The Tameja project is a Ripple Effect Program project, not a Schools Building Schools project. The money donated by Dryden was given in the spring of 2009.

The Ripple Effect Program has been an active Rotary Program for 11 years, and has built or refurbished over 35 schools in Guatemala.

The Schools Building Schools project is a new initiative started in July 2009 that is just now being piloted in our area and is part of the Ripple Effect Program.

Schools Building Schools uses money raised by schools and is working on raising enough to complete the Tierra Blanca School in Guatemala. RC of Dryden has donated $1500 to Schools Building Schools in 2010 and that money will go towards the Tierra Blanca project.

The Ripple Effect only begins construction when all the money is in place to complete a project.

Basically, The Ripple Effect Program is a District 5550 program operated under the District 5550 WCS Committee and Schools Building Schools is a separate part of the Ripple Effect Program that is working on one project, Tierra Blanca School at this time.