Dryden Rotary Showcase Projects

Public Speaking Contest Winners
Dryden's Royal Conservatory of Music competition and Rotary's Public Speaking Contest - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/rotary-s-performing-arts-evening-entertaining-and-educational#sthash.n8co5ZKA.dpuf
One room school in Dhaka for working Mothers
Evening to Support Literacy in Bangladesh Puts Rotary’s International Service Front and Centre - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/evening-to-support-literacy-in-bangladesh-puts-rotary%E2%80%99s-international-service-front-and-centre#sthash.V3wmzhc0.dpuf
Dryden Soccer Fields with Gary Nickle speaks to Club
The Club has been working with the Dryden Soccer Assocation to build a "Club House" on the property at Rotary Park 
Bingo funds for Ultra-Sound equipment at Dryden Hospital
The Club raises funds through Rotary Radio Bingo and gives it to community projects such as the recent need for a new Ultrasound machine at the Dryden hospital.
Dryden Rotary Radio Bingo Passes the Million Dollar Mark in Earnings and Donations to Area Charities and Organizations - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/dryden-rotary-radio-bingo-passes-the-million-dollar-mark-in-earnings-and-donations-to-area-charities-and-organizations#sthash.OlcWho61.dpuf
DRHSFoundation Kicks off Ultrasound Campaign with $25,000 from Rotary - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/drhsfoundation-kicks-off-ultrasound-campaign-with-25-000-from-rotary#sthash.hTnJQso7.dpuf 
Los-Caneles school in Guatemala
Each year Dryden Rotary supports the District literacy program The Ripple Effect Program to build schools in Rural Guatemala
Ripple Effect leaders Gord & Deb LeMaistre Begin New School Project in Guatemala - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/ripple-effect-leaders-gord-amp-deb-lemaistre-begin-new-school-project-in-guatemala#sthash.JewNbNA5.dpuf
A sample ShelterBox kit
 Dryden Rotary also supports ShelterBox, Canada on an annual basis
CKDR 92.7 FM Dryden and Dryden Rotary Launch ShelterBox Community Appeal for Typhoon Haiyan Survivors - See more at: http://drydenrotary.org/Stories/ckdr-92.7-fm-dryden-and-dryden-rotary-launch-shelterbox-community-appeal-for-typhoon-haiyan-survivors-1#sthash.k7SuRF47.dpuf