The Rotary Club of Dryden has seen excellent growth in both the number of pages viewed and the number of visitors during 2017.
The Club uses two counting systems Statscounter, a system from the United Kingdom and Google Analytics, an American system. The following is Statscounter Data because Google data only goes back two years.
Graph One
The website was started in early 2010 and has struggled to grow its viewer base from 2010 to 2016. Over that time the annual number of Page Views ranged from a high of 5776 to a low of 3823. Unique visitors ranged from a high of 4048 to a low of 2723.
Graph Two
Unfortunately, 2017 data is incomplete as no data was collected for 86 days from January 1 to March 27 inclusive. Since March 28th, 2017 to November 27 th, 2017, the number of Page Views has climbed to 10,010 and there have been 7,240 Unique Visits. That is a doubling of both categories of data.
Using the number of page views for the 245 days we get an average daily number of page views of 40.86. This can be multiplied by the 86 days for which no data is available, and we can estimate that page views for the year to date are 13,523 which is already an increase of 329% over the previous year.
Statscounter, the free version, only tracks the most recent 200 unique visitors. That is enough to provide a good idea of where in the World visitors are located. 
Map One
This is plotted using an icon in the shape of an inverse teardrop. This icon represents the name of a place, not a unique visitor. It may represent many visitors, but they can be all from the same place as map two demonstrates for Dryden.
Map two
One of the most interesting aspects of the Dryden website and the general location where much of the growth in visitors is occurring is in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). This you can see as you zoom in on the World distribution map.
Map 3
Another interesting item that is tracked is how long a person spends on the site. This is called “dwell times” by some. As a rule of thumb times under 30 seconds are considered bad for a site. Dwell times over 2 minutes are considered outstanding. Anything between these two values is considered average.
Graph Three
As you can see in Graph One over 63% of the visitors leave in under 30 seconds. The site is unusual in that over 28% of our visitors spend way over the 2 minutes. I think part of this can be accounted for by the number of stories we now have posted, namely 439.