Dryden’s economic wows have been front and centre for so long that it was a delight to hear the optimism in Tyler Peacock’s upbeat presentation on Dryden’s future. 
We got a hint of our potential in MP Bob Nault’s presentation on March 13th when he described the government’s long-term goal of building roads to our regions twenty-six fly-in First Nation communities.
Peacock began with a brief reference to the development of a new strategic plan and branding exercise. He made specific reference to the entire community’s involvement in the development of the rebranding process.
Tyler referred to the current construction of Timberland Estates by Bridgeroad, a seniors complex of twenty-four apartment units which are currently fifty per cent sold with plans to build an additional two buildings of twenty-four units as one example of our future.
Peacock described Dryden’s serious housing shortage with over 1000 residents having substandard accommodation. Peacock shared his discussion with Anhart Developments, a company specialising in “social impact housing.” The concept attempts to address intergenerational needs and income disparity at the same time.
Since coming to the job, Tyler has completed a City-owned land survey and identified over 100 properties currently owned by the City.
Tyler described the success of the new electronic entrance signs at the eastern and western approaches to the City, although one comment from the audience recommended clients pay more attention to need for contrast.  Other topics Peacock referenced were sporting events such as Big and Little bands hockey tournaments that provide an economic stimulus, the new Annual Home and Sport show in April, and the partnership with Kenora and PACE on a Northern Immigration Pilot Program with its goal to fill many of the jobs that go unfilled in the
Other projects in which Tyler is involved on behalf of Dryden is the long-shot development of an underground storage facility by Ontario’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) in Ignace. Projected as a twenty-four billion dollar investment, one location under study is found between Ignace and Dryden. For those wishing more in-depth study of this issue, there are about 200 reports currently available on the NWMO website.
Peacock is also looking for investors to consider a Containerised Growing System by Growcer, a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses. The system creates a year-round, all-weather hydroponics growing system which has the potential to alleviate food insecurity in the area.
Tyler also believes out airport has a greater potential to expand tourism in the area.
With a nod to his marketing skills, Peacock has developed a motto for what he does.  “ CARE about Dryden”
Ask Questions,
Refer Opportunities,
Educate Yourself !------About Dryden