Cynthia was born in Dryden, the oldest of two girls of Brian & Fatima Davidson. Being raised in a family with a stay at home Mom, she learned the importance of saving at an early age.
Among Cynthia's early jobs was babysitting for Rtn Will’s family. Later she put in after school hours in sales, at Radio Shack for four years.
During Grade 4 - 6 she thought she wanted to become a teacher. However, her Mom suggested she become an optometrist so took mainly maths & sciences in High School.
A month before going to university, Palermo decided she did not want to follow that path so took a year off work,  travelled and took some more courses. It was during that time that she met her husband to be and entered a business degree program.
Five months after graduation from university, Cythnia married and went back to managing Dr Adam’s and Lisa Turcotte’s optometric office.
After having two sons, Cythnia’s husband died quite unexpectedly. As a result, she decided to go back to school to get B of Education.  She now teaches law at Dryden High School.
Palmero enjoys spending her days with amazing young people where uses her sales skills to make teaching come alive.
She has also gained two daughters and a son who does not live here.
The Motivation for Joining Rotary: To Give Community Service
Cynthia described how first it was because of the community service she saw being given by her parents that she began to realise that it was time to give back to the community.
The second lesson came because of all the help she received from friends and neighbours after her husband’s death. It became even more important to give back to this community.
Palermorecognized Rotary is an important vehicle to assist with this need. So this summer will be her second year to assist with Adventures in Human Rights in Winnipeg.  She has also acted as a host parent for a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.