During a new members’ first few months, they are required to provide club members with a brief account of their life and work. Here are a couple of excerpts from the vocational speech by Rotarian Leanna Bullock. 

Rotary Vocational – Leanna Bullock

Before I begin my vocational, I would like to thank Patty for putting my name forth and to the Dryden club for accepting me.  I was introduced to Rotary during my younger years by my father and now as an official member I am in the process of learning more about it.  I am currently retired having being a history and geography teacher at Dryden High School for many years.

I have lived in Dryden most of my life.  As a young girl and lady, Dryden provided me the opportunity to learn highland dancing, skiing, the piano, and participate in all types of activities at Dryden High School.  By my late teens, I was yearning for the city life, so off I went to attend University of Manitoba to take the 2 year education program and while there I life guarded to supplement my funds and cheerlead for the Bisons.  
For me, Dryden has been a fabulous community to grow up in because of the dedication, the talent and the time given of various adults.  These adults plus my parents taught me the importance of giving back to the community and how the act of volunteering is a cornerstone of a community.  My first experience with paying it forward (a modern day term)  was around age 8 when my sister, a few of our friends and myself put on a play in our garage, charged admission and with the monies raised donated it to the new hospital building fund which was to replace the existing Red Cross Hospital. 
While at teaching at DHS, it was noticed that some potential graduates were unable attend their high school graduation dance due of the cost.  After reading in the Winnipeg Free Press about an organization at St. John’s High school that collected gently used graduation attire for ladies and gentlemen, a group of educators, a community volunteer and myself start up Gear 4 Grads.  We collected and continue to collect gently worn formal attire and each spring  Boutique Day is held where the potential grads (which included both Grade 12 and Grade 8) make an appointment to pick out their graduation attire.  What a wonderful feeling it is to see the smiles on the faces of the young ladies and gentlemen when they leave. Over the past 8 years, The Best Western has graciously donated the Centennial Room to display the clothing and accessories for Boutique Day. 
Currently I am secretary for DAARN and tutor English lessons for the Syrian family.  It was through DAARN that I really got to appreciate the role Rotary plays in helping the community.  The volunteer hours and the funding The Dryden Rotary Club gives has helped to enhance Dryden both in its physical appearance and in providing opportunities for the citizens to grow as an individual or group.  Internationally, I read the polio article In the Rotary Canada October booklet with great interest as my mother was a polio survivor.  The Rotary does make a difference both locally and internationally.  
 Thank you.

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