Posted by John Borst on Dec 27, 2017
Another story of a Rotarian from “Away”, takes a short-term job in Dryden and then stays. That’s a common theme of many residents of this town and it’s part of LeeAnne Benson’s vocational story too.
LeeAnn was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie in a family with a younger brother and sister.
She went to the University of Toronto where she earned an Honours degree in English and History and Environmental Science. This was followed by a teaching degree with a speciality in Outdoor Education from Windsor University.
Her first job, however, was as a library technician and substitute teacher in Manitouwadge, Ontario. The next year she taught a Gr 7 & 8 class.
While in Manitouwadge, LeeAnn met a forester by the name of Matt Benson. When Matt was moved to Ignace and then to Dryden, he asked her to marry him.
The job was to last just two years, however, after seeing Thunder Lake on which they bought a house in which they have now lived for 30 years
LeeAnn begins teaching in Dryden as a Substitute and eventually got a half-time position in Oxdrift, where she soon became part of that community.  However, after six months she was declared redundant and applied to Dryden High School (DHS).  Her interview committee included the legendary Rotarian Brian Kenny.
That fall she started at DHS and worked there until June 2015. LeeAnn also got involved in coaching basketball and did it until retirement.
Besides her career, Benson is the proud mother of 2 girls and loved raising their children in Dryden.
An Audio Version of LeeAnn's Vocational Speech
Benson said, “We have enjoyed family life in Dryden and now that I am retired, I want to give back to the community, so when Mardi asked me to join Rotary, I agreed.” Benson closed  by saying she is “looking forward to the fun and a rewarding time in Rotary.”