Neil McLeod, Northwestern Ontario born shared his vocational journey to becoming a chiropractor. 
Neil began life and grew up in Fort Frances where his father worked in the paper mill and mother was a social worker.
His family also owned a tourist lodge where as a teen he worked on weekends.
During those years his mother was involved in a car accident after which a local chiropractor provided her relief from pain. Neil often visited him, a practice which set him on a path to his future occupation.
At age 12, Neil started another practice which also remains his passion today. At the time the Fort Francis Recreation committee started a weekly two-hour football training program.
Mcleod told a story of how one day when it was pouring rain his father told him the training session would be cancelled, but he went anyway and was the only person to show up. As a result of such dedication, Neil played Muskie football and won a championship.
Neil received his post-secondary education at the University of Windsor where he met his future wife, Christine. Following Windsor, Neil attended Chiropractic College in Toronto.
After doing some research, Neil chose Dryden as a place to set up his practice. In 2001 he began offering his services at the  Sunset Mall location but recently moved into the “Howe House” on Duke Street.
Dryden also has benefitted from Neil’s continued love of football. For 18 years now, he has volunteered as a coach with DHS football program. Further, with Rotary support, Neil starting minor football in 2011.  This year 49 players registered.
Neil has a daughter born in 2003 and a son born in 2005. He also still visits his parents in Fort Francis on a regular basis.