Posted by John Borst on May 16, 2019
As reported some two weeks ago, the Council on Legislation gave Rotary Executive the authority to alter the name of The Rotarian magazine if it was necessary to be consistent with Rotary’s rebranding initiative.
Two weeks ago I posted a two-question survey to get your reaction around this issue.
Forty-two people responded. Although it is a small sample, it likely would be consistent with what a large samples result.
Results for Question One
I doubt whether anyone would be surprised by this result. Rotarians appear quite satisfied with the name as it is.
Result for Question Two
There was, however, far more ambivalence about what to call the magazine if the executive were to decide to rename it.  
Two issues stand out! More people would accept a new name entirely then might be implied by the results from Question One.
Secondly, in putting together this report, I discovered the name of The Rotarian in RIBI is Rotary as this picture shows.
Is this perhaps, the future of The Rotarian.