Mardi Plomp is now a regional Information Referral Coordinator with the Ministry of Attorney General who helps people experiencing a family break-up access the right information they need.
Her new job is part of a “Better Justice Together” program put out by the Ministry of Attorney General to ensure that access to the court system is cheaper, easier to navigate, faster and brings an integrated feel to it allowing justice partners to share and access information.
Family Law is about the rights and responsibilities of spouses, parents and children. Booklets (family law series) are available at Service Ontario and available on the internet as well.
The information Referral Co-coordinator can bring in trained mediators to establish a separation agreement. Mediators are free but are not allowed to give legal advice.



Divorce in the family.

Divorces can be highly emotional but need to be treated as a business partner relationship where children come first.
In a family break-up, children experience a wide range of emotions like anger, fear of abandonment, and insecurity.
Most common issues are child custody, access and parenting issues that need a parenting plan. Where parents are unable to agree on these issues a judge can make those decisions.
All parents are responsible for supporting children that are dependent regardless of who has custody.
There are 30,000 cases of divorce in Ontario each year. It’s a challenging position with much to learn.
Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur announces her vision for Better Justice Together in Ontario
In Ontario, there are no legal or formal steps to a common-law relationship. A Common Law relationship can also include a Cohabitation agreement - previous arrangements can be made prior to separation.