Rotarian John Borst provided fellow members with a quick update on the Amarok Society, which is a registered Canadian Charity operating in Asia.

The Amorok Society teach very poor mothers how to read and write in both, their local language and English, along with basic subjects such as mathematics and basic life skills such as health, nutrition, child care and conflict resolution. The mothers, many of whom have never before even held a pencil, attend school every day for 2 hours.

Teachers, recruited from nearby neighbourhoods and trained by the Amorok Society, use accelerated learning methods such as songs, drama and games. Rooms in neighbourhood houses are used as schools. The mothers are then trained to become teachers of their own and their neighbours’ children, developing some of the learning materials themselves.

On January 22nd, 2013, in Bangladesh mothers and students held a ceremony to mark the renaming of the Nurerchala Women’s School to the Suzanne Women’s School in honour of Rotarian Suzanne Borst, late wife of Rotarian John. This school has been operating for seven years making it Amorok Society’s longest running school.  Check out for further details.

Peter Keen & Sandra BoykoCloser to home, Rotarian Peter Keen received a Rotary Volunteer Service award presented by President Sandra Boyko.

Will Vermeer introduced the new Rotary Executive for 2013-2014.

President                     John Borst

President-Elect            Brian Braid

Vice-President             Rita Letourneau

Past –President           Sandra Boyko

Treasurer                    Janet Shaffer

Secretary                     Pam Brown

Directors                      Jack McMaster, Susan Reany-Iskra, Trevor Szmon, Judi Green, Andy Kidd and Brian Braid