Doreen Armstrong-Ross Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) gave us a brief background on the state of our hospital and their future directions.
After thanking Dryden Rotary for the support, it has given to the hospital since it’s founding, Doreen hi-lighted the DRHC strategic plan titled “Care That Works”.  -
After involving all community stakeholders three pillars were determined:
  1. Improve the care for Patients and Families, especially in the area of mental health care;
  2. Strengthen the leadership team;
  3. Strengthen relationships with our community partners, in particular with the indigenous community which is now 23% of people in our catchment area.
Armstrong-Ross briefly outlined the next steps and priorities necessary to move the Strategic plan forward.

DRHC strategic plan

Other areas of focus described by CEO Doreen were:
  1. securing funding to deal with the opioid crisis
  2. manage the anticipated 2019-20 budget given that there is only a 1% increase by government when costs have increased by 2-3 %;
  3. completing the 2019-20 accreditation process this year
On a more personal note, Doreen has worked at DRHC for the last 14 years. She was born and lived in Shebandowan and went to Lakehead University and spent ten (10) years working in the nursing field in Tennessee until coming to Dryden.