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The following talk was given to our guests at the October 27, 2010 luncheon for new members by the Director of Community Service, Peter Marshall.

The aim of the Community Service Committee is to give assistance to local organizations or individuals with a need. This may be in the form of financial assistance or physical help to improve the quality of life of those who live within the club's locality or municipality.

Human Development: This is where we address the welfare of individuals at all stages of life by providing assistance and support to those in need. Examples of club activities in this area include the food bank, delivering Meals on Wheels, Christmas Cheer Fund, Literacy Programs, the Still Me Program through our participation in the Dragon Boat races and supporting a number of youth oriented activities.

Community Development: This means making the community a better place to live by improving the physical condition of the community and its facilities. There are numerous examples of Rotary's involvement in these activities such as the CT Scan Fund, Long Term Care facility, Rotary Park, Dryden Entertainment Series, and funding assistance at facilities across the area including the new Meno Ya-Win Health Centre in Sioux Lookout and equipment for the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital.

Environmental Protection: In recognition of the impact that we can all have on our environment, Rotary is committed to monitoring and improving the quality of the community's environment. A couple of projects that contribute to achieving this objective are the annual highway clean-up in the area of Harris Crescent, east of town; and partnering with the City of Dryden during their Hazardous Waste Day initiatives which are always an extraordinary success.
Partners in Service: It is important for Rotary to form relationships and support other organizations in achieving their objectives in serving the community. We can be seen helping out at various activities such as the Dryden Walleye Masters Tournament, the recent Centennial Air Show and a variety of other worthy causes.

None of this could be achieved without the assistance of Rotary members both in leadership and assistance with raising the necessary funds to support our activities. I am very fortunate this year to have a solid team to help me meet the objectives of the Community Service Committee.

Financial Contributions: Each year our Rotary Club makes substantial financial contributions to community organizations based on an annual survey of club members' preferences for organizations to be supported.
Selection of organizations to receive contributions is based primarily on a poll of club members, with final approval by the Board of Directors. A list of the 21 organizations designated to receive financial support during the current 2010-2011 program year can be found HERE.