Tameja - Guatemala (pronounced Tam eh yah)

Ripple Effect Project #2.88      District 5550 WCS Project


Guatemala Vista Hermosa Rotary Club was contacted by parents of Tameja in February of 2008.

Since then Vista Hermosa has been in contact with them, visiting the village several times. The contact was established through the Livingstone Mayor.

They found a well organized Parent Council and once they made their first contact, the community prepared the land for the new classrooms.

This shows the willingness of this community to work in order to be benefitted with this project.

Nixon Motta, a local social promoter is supporting Guatemala Vista Hermosa Rotary Club, verifying the information and will work as local supervisor, once the project is approved.


There is a good relationship with the teachers, parents and principal. 

The community gets involved in the projects that benefit the school and they are willing to work in the construction or in any activity with this purpose. 

The students and teachers take good care of the facilities and furniture they have. 

The municipality and their council, besides the Vista Hermosa Club are very committed to support this project.  There is a good and active local organization. 

There is space enough to build the new classrooms and no need to build in the same area they are using now.  The land is leveled and ready.
The school is working now in very precarious conditions and they have proved that they are able to do it. 

Parents are willing to cooperate in the project implementation.  There is a very low crime rate in the community.  Parents are aware of the importance of education and technological exposure for their children. 

They have the opportunity to have more teachers but they do not have classrooms for that. Two or three grades share same classroom.
The classrooms are literally shacks.  The classrooms are actually open to weather conditions.

The school is located in an area of heavy rain.  The access to village is very remote
Current Funding in Place for Tameja

  • Rotary Club of Meewasin $1000
  • Meewasin United Church $1000
  • Rotary Club of Saskatoon Nutana $600
  • Rotary Club of Dryden $1000
  • Rotary Club of Flin Flon $3000
  • Rotary Club of Saskatoon $6,800
  • Rotary Club of Vista Hermosa, Guatemala $1000
The paperwork is being completed at this time, and construction should begin in the very near future.