Imagine if the 8000 residents of Dryden marched in the same parade, what a scene it could be.
Okay, 8000 is a little extreme but 1000 would be a super goal and would pack a wallop for our sense of community. Packing a wallop is just what the organisers of Dryden’s first “We Love Dryden” day want to achieve. So put June 8th on your calendar and participate in one or more of the three events.


PARADE AND WALK 10:30 – 12:00

At 10:30, two events will begin at the same time, a five- kilometre Walk and a one-kilometre Parade. Both begin at the DHS.
Parade participants are invited to dress in Dryden paraphernalia.
Both the Parade and Walk will begin on the DHS track and both will walk south on Casimir Ave. The Parade goes as far as Parkdale Ave. Walkers will continue turning right onto Parkdale following the route on the map below.



Food vendors, street hockey, games for kids and adults, free books for students and youth, giveaways, free drinks, music and other entertainment will be available on the Harry McMaster Field 


Event Three:

We Love Dryden Arena Dance

Although, the We Love Dryden Day is primarily about raising Dryden’s spirit and pride, the organizers hope to raise some funds for three causes:
  1. A walking track for Dryden arena (est. $42,000)
  2. Repainting of Dryden’s 41 artistic benches. ($20,000)
  3. A contribution for new equipment at the Dryden Regional Health Centre (am't not determined)
The We Love Dryden members are
  • Mardi Plomp*- chair & fundraising co-chair
  • Joanne Bridgewater* – co-chair of fundraising
  • Willene Moffat* – artist
  • Cam Fyfe* – assistant Parade Master
  • Debbie Lindquist* -Hospital fundraiser
  • Rena Madden*
  • Marilyn Bilsbarrow*
  • Debbie Lindquist*
  • Heather Lobreau*
  • Keri O’dell*
  • Trisha Lundstrom*
  • Jan Radburn*
  • Marnie Oliphant*
  • Steve Belanger – Arena & Cultural Services Manager
  • Mike Svenson - Ice Dogs Executive
  • Nicole Gale - Tourism & Community Initiatives Manager 
  • Sarah Mackenzie – Regional Advisor for Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport