Posted by John Borst on Feb 24, 2019
Melissa Munn, the coordinator of the Community Action Program for Children (CAP-C) of the Métis Nation Ontario (MNO), described the services they offer out of their office at 34 King Street.
The overall objective of (CAP-C) is to enable communities to develop comprehensive, culturally
appropriate programs which lead to the healthy development of Métis children (0-6 years) and their families living in conditions of risk.
Funded by the province, the target group for CAP-C is children “at risk” –  those children most likely to experience a higher than normal incidence of family poverty, abuse or neglect, poor health and nutrition, developmental delays, social and emotional problems, family breakdown, and injury or disability. The initiative helps to improve prenatal, infant and child nutrition, provides parenting and caregiving skills, reduces the incidence of children at-risk, and promotes healthy lifestyles, cultural teaching, and community development. 
For some of the programs offered in the City of Dryden you do not need to be Metis however, extra services may be available if you are Metis.
  1. Ageing at home provides support for seniors 55+ includes light housekeeping, personal care with no manipulation of the body, referrals, visitation, medical transportation in and out of town, snow removal and lawn care, and security checks - open to any seniors.
  2. Community Support Services helps improve quality of life - includes medical transport and visitation
  3. Family well being for families with children from 7 - 18 - clients are the children but support the whole family both at home and school - tries to prevent children from going into care and do cultural teaching
  4. Healthy Babies, Healthy Children is a program to help parents provide a healthy environment for children. It also provides pre and postnatal support. They have high chairs and toys to lend to families and sometimes get seniors to interact with young children.
  5. Community Action program for children 0-6 - the aim is to promote and maintain the culture, and a healthy lifestyle by teaching cooking and budgeting skills
Métis Nation Ontario is always looking for volunteers. It will require a criminal records check and driver’s abstract. Melissa can be contacted at 223-5280 if interested or check their website

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