For the first time in many years, Dryden Rotary’s Performing Arts Evening was not held at The Centre, Dryden’s performing arts venue.

Public Speaking Awards:

Rtn Mardi with Alyssa, Liam, Maddy & Michael
Public Speaking contests were held at each of Dryden’s three public elementary schools (New Prospect, Open Roads, Vermillion Bay and one Catholic elementary school, St, Joseph.
The following 4 speakers had the three highest scores. There was a tie for third place.
Grade 8, New Prospect student Maddy Kowalchuk gave a very emotional speech about ADHD. Maddy described how her younger brother has it and the heartache of watching him be without friends on the school ground. She also described his difficulties with school work and how students with ADHD have trouble fitting in.
Grade 8, Open Roads student Alyssa McCready told us about her attendance at the “I am awesome Camp for Girls” at Sunnycove in Fort Frances. It is a weekend camp for girls 11- 16 teaching them self-esteem.
Grade 8, Open Roads student Michael Kusano talked about the history of Russia and his viewpoint on the country. Kusano is half Russian by birth.  He gave an interesting 5 minute talk without the use of notes.
Grade 8, St. Joseph student Liam Jones and the Ian Nixon Memorial trophy winner for his 1st place finish gave his talk on “The need to unplug” using a video, even though he was actually present. Initially, he was to have been in Kenora for a volleyball tournament but it was cancelled because of the snow. Ironically, his message was that we should put down our smart phones, iPads, and iPods, and spend more time actually talking to each other. He said we should get outside to play instead of sitting on the couch.

Music Awards

Erica and Matthew with Heather Spoozak
While past years have seen us have Conservatory of Music students playing their winning pieces on the piano, this year, our two students were presented with their awards but as we had no piano, no music was enjoyed.
Teacher Heather Spoozak presented the Rena Fothingham award to Erica Bowie who had a score of 83 in Grade 1 Conservatory while Grade 4 student Matthew Leutschaft was presented with the award in the intermediate category.