[The Dryden club was in receipt of this letter of thanks from Barbara Melara, President, Amarok Society Board of Directors]
Dear Rotary Club of Dryden
We are really pleased to introduce you to Rahima, the mother/student you are sponsoring!  
Rahima is 31 years now and was married at age 16.  She and her husband, who is 34, have two children.  He is a day labourer and the primary breadwinner for the family. Rahima recalls going to school for less than a year when she was 7 or so.  She never thought she’d get more education and so it is a dream come true that she is able to attend her Amarok School now and for this, she is deeply grateful. 
When Rahima was asked about the changes in her life since then she identified that she has friendships now with other mothers in her community; that she is now aware of health needs and how to care for little children; that she is far more self-aware, self-confident and capable and sees she can respond to others and help the other mothers in her Slum. 
This is largely because now she can read and so is the one people turn to for help and she now knows how to write as well as count.  When asked about her dream for the future her response was for all the slum mothers and children to be educated!  We are sure that Rahima is working hard and be a real asset to her community.  We also hope her dream will come true.

Notebook computers arrive at Amarok Schools

[In 2016 the Rotary Club of Dryden was part of a multi-club, multi-district and Rotary International, “global grant” effort in the amount of $76,000.00 to get among other things Notebook computers for the staff and mothers to use. The letter goes on to describe that they have now been distributed to the schools]
We cannot thank you enough for your support to Rahima and to Amarok Society.  You will be interested and pleased to know that as a  Global Grant awarded by Rotary International to Amarok Society to bring Tablets and training to mothers so they can better teach the children in their MOI schools has started.  I will add a couple of pictures showing the inaugural ceremony held in Dhaka to honour this occasion.
If you would like to write to Rahima please do so - she would love to hear from you - just send a letter to me and I will send it on.
Again thank you very much,
Barbara Melara