Posted by John Borst on Oct 27, 2019
Once a year the Rotary Club of Dryden hosts an awards evening in which it celebrates three local Drydenites who exemplify Rotary's motto "Service Above Self" through their volunteer efforts, Rotary members who have donated one-thousand (USD) dollars to The Rotary Foundation, winners of the Dryden Royal Conservatory piano competition and inducted new members who have joined the club. 
The evening began with a catered dinner at The Centre. This year because it fell on October 23rd, the club made purple the color to wear because the next day October 24th was World Polio Day.  In addition attendees were invited to make a donation to Rotary's Polio Eradication fund for which they received a purple themed bracelet. 
Scenes from the dinner
In the upper right photo above Rtn. Carmen can be seen collection donations for Polio eradication. During the evening $1,200 (CAN) was collected. This will be double matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation turning it into a $9,000 (USD) donation.


Awards to Paul Harris Fellows

(L-R) Caryl Hron, Nicole Belleville, Mardi Plomp, President, Elaine Thompson, Rena Madden
This was Rtn. Caryl's  first award. Nicole, received the award  on behalf of her father Denis a long-time member who passed away earlier this year. Rtn. Rena received her third award  while Rtn. Elaine her fourth

Piano Awards

Musical entertainment was provided by Junior music student Danielle Henderson and Intermediate student Erica Bowie.

Danielle Henderson

Danielle receives Junior award from Rtn. Janet
Danielle receives the Rena Fotheringham award to student with highest mark

Erica Bowie

Erica plays two pieces
Erica receives Intermediate Award from Rtn. Janet

Community Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Community Paul Harris Fellow Awards went to Gary Nickle for involvement with the soccer complex, Dr Adam Moir for involvement with minor hockey, soccer, and Native Friendship Centre, and Mel Fisher for spearheading a 15 year campaign which finally resulted in Timberland Estates.


(L-R) Gary Nicole & sponsor Rtn. Sandra Boyko; Mel Fisher & sponsor Rtn. Shayne MacKinnon; Dr. Adam Moir & sponsor Rtn. Carl Eisener

Induction of New Members

(L-R) Inductee Nicole Belleville with sponsor Rtn. Mardi and new inductee Caroline Goulding with Rtn Patty Vann