Local artist, Willene Moffatt spoke to Rotary about her work as an artist.
Moffatt has gone through various forms of art from pottery to painting and is now working mostly with stained glass.
She explained in detail how a number of her mosaics were created, one of which is shown here. The northern tree theme is evident in a number of her works
Willene was also the designer and driving force in the creation of the mosaic of Dryden at Johnston Park.
She is happy that not all of us are artists because that leaves us to appreciate the works of the artist and to buy their products so that they can continue to create new works.
Moffat has been commissioned to create many pieces by companies and individuals including Rotarians John Borst and Mardi Plomp.  The Centre has a large piece in the atrium and there is another at the entrance to the Lutheran Church.