Sarah Campbell our MPP was here to describe the challenges and rewards of being a provincial member of parliament.
One such reward is seeing one of your private member’s Bill passed such as her most recent an item on tracking progress on the twinning of Highway 17 between Kenora and the Manitoba border.
Challenges start from the time a person decides to run. It starts by involving convincing your party you are the best candidate, and then the public that you should be elected.
Once elected it requires balancing job and family life, especially now that she has a child. Campbell also said that she certainly appreciates just how difficult it is getting accessible and affordable child care.
One of the big challenges is communicating with your constituents. For example you have to navigate the regional differences within your own riding. For example what may be good for
Kenora may not be good for Dryden or vice versa.
One of the rewards is trying to maintain the special way of life for northern residents such as keeping the  Experimental Lakes open, improving winter road maintenance, and helping mining projects get completed.
Campbell said she loves having constituents come to her and thank her for help she has given them.