Posted by John Borst on Feb 06, 2018
Dryden Rotary’s online auction will take place in 2018 from April 10th to 17th.
Rotarian and Past Club president, Brian Braid will chair the 2018 fundraising event.
Rtn. Braid provided the members with an overview of the organising to date.
  • over 200 letters and forms printed and enclosed in envelopes for delivery to local businesses;
  • Business are asked to donate an item or items to help support our local community initiatives;
  • members will take some envelopes and deliver them to businesses before the end of January;
  • a followup response will occur at the end of February, if necessary;
  • the drop off for smaller items will be in the business of Rtn Lisa T;
  • the drop off for larger items will be the cabinet shop at Timbermax;
  • ‘runners’ are also required to pick up items
For new Rotarians, the website from 2017 is still up so you can view it at
To help make this fundraiser a success, please contact Brian Braid to volunteer.