At the Nov. 30th meeting Rtn. Mel Fisher provided an update on the 22 unit Pine Ridge Seniors housing project planned for the lot across from 330 Van Horne.
About a year ago, Mel, at that time, indicated he expected to be building in the spring of 2016. However, financing did not go as planned as the Credit Union declined the project because they were uncomfortable with the life-lease concept.
Undeterred by this setback plans were drawn up by Arne Volkmar an architect, who has his roots in Wabigoon and is a cousin of Rtn. Bob Shorrock’s wife Gloria. The Board felt they would be better positioned to obtain financing if it was based on actual project cost from an actual construction company such as Thomas Builders.
The executive then worked with the proposed builder and project manager who scoured Western Canada for new financing options as well as a proposal through a local broker, Scott Coffey.
The Board now has two possible financing options and will be reviewing them in the near future. Their revised goal is to be building in 2017.