Posted by John Borst on Sep 17, 2019
Each year District 5550 of which Dryden Rotary is a member, sponsors a Junior and Senior Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program. The program consists of “camp” environment at Shoal Lake, Manitoba. 
Attending the Junior RYLA camp were Gideon Adams, Mackenzie Harrington and Sydney Boyko. Each had their mother in attendance at the presentation to our club.  
The three described the many activities they took part in including a talent show and dance, the amazing race, and the opportunities for youth in Rotary as well the many new friends they made. In particular they described how welcoming and helpful the staff were. 
Participants in the Senior RYLA camp were Emma Gardner, Rowan Brownlee, Megan Peters, and Alyssa McCready. Each of the girls had been to RYLA before so upon their arrival they renewed their acquaintance with friends who they had from previous years. Seventy percent of senior RYLA delegates were returnees. 
The girls described how on the first night, they did the midnight challenge where you are woken and run around the camp and solved riddles. 
They also learned about other youth activities such as Rotary’s youth exchanges programs, Rotary Adventure programs, and setting up a Shelter Box fundraising activity. 
World issues and changes they would like to see in the world were also discussed. As with the Junior RYLA cohort the Seniors took part in the “Amazing Race”, talent show and dance. 
Both groups concluded their presentations with a thank you to Rotary and an expression of hope in returning for another experience.