It was the club’s first spaghetti dinner evening.  Rtn. Chuck Schmitt presented a preview of the next fundraising drive at the hospital for a new CT Scanner as well as an update at the hospital’s hirings.

Spaghetti Dinner 

The present CT scanner was purchased in 2007/08 and has a useful lifetime of about 10 -15 years. It is anticipated that the manufacturer will send out a notice in the near future indicating that they will no longer continue to support the present equipment after a certain date.
Hence the hospital is getting ahead of this notice and has begun a 3-year funding drive to raise funds for the cost of the new CT scanner which is about $1.25 million.
A major kickoff to the funding drive will happen on March 6th, 2017 at the hospital with radio doing an on air funding kickoff.
Schmitt also informed us that DRHC has hired 2 new doctors this year and is in discussions with 2 residents.

Chuck Schmitt is Inducted to Club as First Corporate Member

The Rotary club of Dryden has initiated a new membership category titled “Corporate” member. This will permit a company to purchase a Rotary membership and send 0ne or more employees as their representative.
Hence after his presentation, Chuck, as representative of our first Corporate member, was inducted into the club. The club currently has 51 members.
Carmela Fyfe welcomes Chuck to the Club