Each year The Rotary Club of Dryden holds a special awards evening. The event occurs at The Centre with a dinner after which we move to the venues performance seats for the awards ceremony.  

Royal Conservatory Awards


L to R - Heather Spoozak, Ethan Cook, Danielle Henderson, Sarah Urquhart, Emily Wightman
Attendees heard brief recitals from winners of the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Royal Conservatory music categories in Dryden.
  • Junior winner was Danielle Henderson
  • Intermediate was Ethan Cook
  • Senior was Sarah Urquhart
Danielle was also the winner of the Rena Fotheringham award for the highest score.

Three Community Volunteers Awarded Honourary Paul Harris Fellowships.

Community Honorees Mike Sveinson, Terry Ollerhead, and Michelle Teeple with the Rtn sponsors Joanne B, Mel F, & Carl E
Each year Dryden Rotary recognises community members for dedication to our community with the presentation of an honorary Paul Harris Fellowship.
Mike Sveinson was recognised for the leadership he has given to the Dryden GM IceDogs and making the team members involved in the community in various ways including reading at Library, involved in Remembrance Day, and many other community activities
Terry Ollerhead was recognised for his involvement through the Lutheran Church in helping a community in Haiti recover from the earthquake in 2010 by buying land for a school, digging a well for community members, and providing funds for students to go to school
Michelle Teeple was recognised for her work in Dryden and Ignace Area Impaired Reduction Strategy to combat the problem of drinking and driving, especially among younger adults


Three Club Rotarian’s Honored for Contributions to The Rotary Foundation

Rtns John Borst, Sally Sipos, James Kroeker
Club members who donate $1000.00 to the Rotarian Foundation are awarded “Paul Harris Fellowships” for reaching that milestone. The award is a special Rotary pin. When a second or third $1000 is reached new pins with one or more gemstones are presented as recognition.
Rotarians Sally Sipos and James Kroeker received their first Paul Harris Fellowship pin and certificate while Rtn. John Borst received his second PHF pin.
The evening ended with Monica Walsh doing a colour dance in the dark with her body hilited with lights attached to her body