The following was recently posted online by the Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital in Red Lake. It's about their new blood culture incubator in their laboratory, the purchase of which was supported by a donation from the Dryden Rotary Charitable Foundation.  This is one of the ways that the funds raised through CKDR Rotary Radio Bingo supports communities and residents in our region.
RLMCMH gratefully acknowledges the Dryden Rotary Charity Foundation for their generous donation of $24,500 toward the purchase of a Blood Culture Incubator for our Laboratory! 
This piece of equipment is a new addition to our Lab and is critical in the early identification of bacteria present in blood samples. When negative results are obtained, physicians are able to terminate the use of unneeded medications (antibiotics) which may contribute to increased anti-microbial resistance (antibiotic resistance). Previously, we would have waited for these samples to be sent out and tested elsewhere -- meaning a patient may be using those medications unnecessarily, for longer. If the incubator yields a positive sample, it is sent to TBRHSC for further analysis.
The incubator improves patient outcomes by producing results faster and we are very fortunate to have this equipment in our small hospital and community. Thank-you so much Dryden Rotary Charity Foundation for supporting small regional Hospitals in Northwestern Ontario! We couldn't deliver patient care without the generous contributions that come from organizations like yours!