Rtn. Rena Madden, DRCF chair, with the assistance of other members of Dryden Rotary Charity Foundation (DRCF) executive provided a short history of the Foundation and its donations over the past 10 years.


President Brian Braid, DRCF chair Rena Madden, and DRCF Treasurer Sandra Boyko
​Display Symbolic Cheque to Honour Million Dollar Achievement
As of the end of the 2013-14 year, the DRCF had provided funds totaling over One Million ($1,000.000) to charitable groups and organizations throughout the area.
Most of the DRCF revenue comes from the Rotary Radio Bingo run on CKDR each fall and winter. A small amount comes from operating licensed bars for other events such as the Walleye Masters Fishing Tournament and “Shake Your Booty Cancel Party or the “Turkey Shoot” draw each Thanksgiving.
Thanks were given to John Carlucci who had the vision over ten years ago to take on the Bingo after it was dropped by the K C s and to those that have assisted over the years.
Thanks also go out to Community Living who produce and distribute cards in the Dryden and to the many Rotarians who help with deliveries to outlying vendor locations.
For  more detailed information scroll through this PowerPoint presentation.