Four former exchange students from European countries joined the July 8th meeting via zoom to hear Loly Cartocci - Bazanelli’s presentation and say hi to the club members. They were Alba Posas Solandes of Spain (2014-2015), Katarina Närhinen of Finland (2016-2017), Varja LindstrÖm of Sweden (2017-18) and Sigvart Støverud of Norway (2018-19).


Alba Posas Solandes (2014-15) of Spain reported that she has just finished her four- year university computer science engineering program and is now looking for a job for 2 - 3 years and then plans do a Masters program in Management. She is currently living at home with her family and puppy.


Katarina reported that she has moved from Finland and is now living in Switzerland with her family. She is in first her first year of a 3 year Program on Hospitality Management. She said that Covid-19 has cause her to change course “a bit”.


Varja LindstrÖm told us she has just graduated from high school in Sweden and that she was hoping to travel but likely will work for a year as a result of the Corona virus problem.


Sigvart Støverud announced that he had graduated from high school this summer and was going to join the Norwegian military in April 2021. Until then he said he will work or travel in meantime if possible. After completing his military, he plans to study in the IT field.