The Kenora Riding’s third candidate to speak to Dryden’s Rotarians is Howard Hampton, former leader the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Ontario.
Now running for the NDP Federally, Hampton does not like the direction that the present Conservative government is taking our country.
He says there are no new jobs being created and that corporations who could create them are sitting on over $500 billion that they are using to, among other things, buy back shares which creates no new jobs.
Hampton believes are no new jobs for young people and many who do get jobs must work at 2 or 3 part time jobs to make a living.
According to “Howie” the present government short funding in our health care system has gone from 50% to 19% on a joint federal- provincial basis
The NDP if elected to form a government would:
  • increase investment in innovation and technology
  • increase corporate tax rate by 2%
  • take away subsidy to oil companies
  • start a national pharma care program
  • improve funding for First Nation students and involve First Nations more in resource development