Dryden Rotary, Miller Environmental and The City of Dryden’s cosponsored, 2020 Hazardous Waste Day measured by the number of carloads that passed through the city’s Public Works Facility on September 19th grew from 370 to 555 an increase of 185 or 50% growth. 
Miller Environmental who supply the trucks to hull the waste to Winnipeg, filled 1.5 trailers when one has, until now, been the norm.  
Rotarian, Roger Gould, manager at Solomon and Sons Ltd. annually organizes the volunteers from The Rotary Club of Dryden to assist the city and Miller Environmental divert hazardous waste from the landfill site.  
Types and amounts of hazardous waste diverted were: 
 Leachable Materials 
 Paint and Adhesives (glue) 
 27,815 kg
 Toxic Materials 
 pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and chemicals 
 3,315 L. 
 Reactive Materials 
 liquid mercury & some cleaning products 
 2,725 L 
 Ignitable/Flammable   Materials 
 Fuel and Petroleum Distillates as well as   propane tanks 
 3,075 L 
Twenty-eight Rotarians volunteered to gather and sort the waste. They worked in shifts of 2 or 4 hours during the day.   
Crews also received four full pallets of used batteries that are being returned for recycling. Rotarians will receive a credit for the batteries, and the funds will be spent on community projects and school bursaries in the community.