Posted by John Borst on Feb 26, 2019
The following call for submissions is patterned after a call at District 9940 in New Zealand.
Twenty-nineteen marks the 30th year Rotary International has officially welcomed women as members.
At Wethe4 we want to celebrate the contributions of women in Rotary by publishing tributes on women who have done outstanding service for Rotary at the Club level.  We all began as members of a club, and it is at that level that we had to excel before progressing to District, Zone or International service.
Many women, however, over those thirty years chose for career and family reasons to maintain club and community service as their priority.



Few clubs have reached a fifty-fifty split in gender membership. Rotarian women make great role models, and it will show the public that local women have not only been in Rotary for 30 years, but it will demonstrate that women have high profiles within Rotary Clubs and that we come from all walks of life.  We know that many women are looking for ways to volunteer and we want Rotary to be the organisation they choose.


What do we need?

We are looking for a great photograph, head & shoulders shot, of these wonderful women. We would need to know more about her so we can create a short story.
1.      A good photo
2.      How long in Rotary and the club & district noted
3.      Why did she join and what keeps her in Rotary?
4.      What is her current role in Rotary?
5.      What has been her most notable Rotary highlight or project?
6.      Her profession, work area, skills and talents
7.      Family and children etc
8.      Interests
9.      Something about this person that not many people know?
10.    An indication by e-mail that the person nominated has agreed to have the information posted to Wethe4 a blog of the Rotary Club of Dryden, Ontario Canada and that it may be “shared” on various Rotary Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Our goal is to post our first submission during March. So get your phones out. Then approach that marvellous woman in your club, take her picture, share her story, get her permission and send the information to or text 1-807-221-7118 Rotary Club of Dryden Editor Wethe4 blog
Our goal is to post 30 stories, one for each year. Thanks for helping us celebrate 30 Years of Women in Rotary with 30 Women of Excellence.