Chris Mills and Cameron Miles, two Dryden High School students shared their trip to Saskatoon for a Rotary Adventures in Technology Program sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Saskatoon.
Adventures in Technology is a comprehensive, carefully planned four and one-half day program that allows Grade 11 and 12 students to explore advanced technology, research, development and application.
After a somewhat fun trip to get to Saskatoon via Calgary, they spent the next four days learning about technology.
Highlights included:
  • A trip to a fire department to see the new technology in fire trucks
  • A tour of a firm where they got to observe a 3D printer make a plastic camper trailer  
  • A visit to the Western Development Museum reminding them of the old wild west
  • A stop at Innovation Place where greenhouses were growing GMO plants
  • Attendance at the Saskatchewan Abilities Council who build prosthetic limbs and where Cameron and Chris got to build a prosthetic foot
  • and a small studio where they were developing software for computer games.
Chris and Cameron described how they enjoyed the friendly environment and made lasting friends with the other students and Rotary leaders.
Both students thanked Rotary for the awesome experience.