With Remembrance Day 2017 approaching, club Rotarians shared their family connections to our past and current military. 
Peter Marshal began by sharing the story of his uncle, J. A. Loucks who was part of the Normandy Landing in 1944 but died before the end of the war at age 19 on July 8, 1944. Peter also described a visit to his grave in Bretteville-Sur-Laize south of Caens, in France.
Sally Sipos told us about her brother who is retired from the HMCS Regina and now serves on
War Graves Commission. Sally also has two nephews who are also in our Armed Forces.
Roland Swan related some memories of riding his bike as a teenager and being stopped by Germans soldiers in Holland.
Anna Triani indicated that her son Stephen is currently in Europe attending the 100th  year anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele.
Joanne Bunny recalled the day her father went off to war; Brian Braid told of his father who was an air force training pilot in Canada and Will Vermeer described seeing an allied pilot landing in his uncle’s field and then retrieving the parachute and using the silk to create his aunt’s dress.
Mardi Plomp shared how her father and uncle joining the military and then her father and mom marrying on Remembrance Day, while Patty Vann shared the story her father joining the RCAF at age 19, piloting a Lancaster bomber and being awarded Distinguished Flying Cross.

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