Wednesday’s guest speaker was Tom Ball of MAG Logistics. Ball provided background on MAG Logistics’ September 8, 2016, agreement with Discovery Air to buy DA’s Fire Services business. Final details and regulatory filings are expected shortly to finalize the deal.
MAG Logistics is a subsidiary of MAG Aerospace, an American company based in Virginia.
The MAG Logistics team has been involved in all facets of aviation, and understands the business of transporting cargo and passengers on time and safely having transported or arranged transportation for the bulk of the Syrian refugees brought to Canada over the past 14 months - and transport of temporary workers from the Caribbean to Southern Ontario
MAG Aerospace is involved in Logistic Operations, Aviation Training, Training & Exercise, Manned Aerial Sensing (Airborne ISR), Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Systems Engineering & GIS, Aviation Logistics.
MAG Aerospace has approximately 1500 employees working predominately for governments.
MAG runs drones with cameras that are worth .5 to 1 million dollars and a resolution that can see a mosquito on your arm from 10 000 meters.
MAG is looking forward to working for Ontario government and private Canadian corporations out of Dryden.
This will likely introduce a whole new set of privacy concerns, however; it is a real opportunity for the City of Dryden and the Dryden Airport.