Skills training in hockey for both girls and boys has undergone a revolution in the past decade. Today coaches use “Rush Defenders”, “High-speed Deke Trainers” and “Reactive Sniper Machines”. And there is even Synthetic Ice so you can skate all year round on makeshift rinks or even your living room if you are that dedicated.
Those are the kinds of modern training devices we learned exist from our speaker Randy Allen.
Allen has been volunteering with the Dryden Minor Hockey Association for over 30 years and currently coaches the Dryden High School girl’s hockey team.

Dryden Minor Hockey breakfast program

Randy, along with other volunteers, was the founder and organizer of the DMHA breakfast program.  He said he was first introduced to the idea on a visit to Boissevain, Manitoba.
Ice time is a precious commodity is small town Canadian communities, so it is not unusual to have boys and girls practicing hockey between 6:30 and 7:15 on weekdays.
In Dryden, the breakfast takes place after a 6:30 am to 7:15 am skills practice session. Open to all youngsters, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Allen has had as many as 30 hockey players and as few as 4.
When the Breakfast club began cereal, milk, muffins and Granola Bars were the standard fare. One morning however, one volunteer brought a waffle iron and began making waffles. They were a big hit, especially when served with whipped cream and strawberries.
The program has a number of dedicated volunteers, however DMHA covers the cost of the ice time. Many volunteers contribute produce as well however, company’s such a Extra Foods, Goal Post, Hydro One and I G Wealth make contributions.
Allen closed by describing the DMHA’s request to the Dryden Rotary Charity Foundation for a new waffle making machine and rush defenders, high speed deke machines and reactive snipers.
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