MP Robert Nault was here to bring us an update on activities in Ottawa, but first he wished the Rotary club a Happy 75th birthday and then mentioned Canada’s 150th anniversary.
Nault spent considerable time describing Canada’s relations with the new Trump administration.
He also indicated he is chair of a Foreign Affairs committee and as a result visited Japan after Christmas where they too asked about Trump.
Bob has also made a trip which included visits to Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Latvia. At each stop, he discussed foreign affairs, especially in regards to Russia, and trade.
Nault said, “We should watch the budget as the second budget is always important. He predicted it would focus on the key issues of innovation and climate change.
It will also provide more details about the Liberals infrastructure program including:
  • a grid to 22 of our communities to the north.
  • northern health care issues
  • a commitment to home care
  • strategies for housing the elderly
  • mental health improvements, especially those dealing with suicides in the north
Nault also went to Guatemala and saw Rotary in action building schools. Bob finished by responding to a number of questions from Rotary members.