Posted by John Borst on Nov 04, 2018
Bethany Waite, the curator of the Dryden and District Museum, has been in Dryden since 2017, right after completing an internship in Fort Frances during 2015-16
Waite provided a brief background of the Museum and described its mission statement as a responsibility “ to preserve the authentic history of the community” while sharing some pictures of a few items found there.
The museum is also starting an oral history program to record the history of veterans, women, aboriginals, and others to preserve to maintain a record of our people.
Waite highlighted the present display from the Ontario Archives “Medical Records in Ontario and the Promotion of Healthy Living”. She also emphasised that the museum partners with community groups and organisations. Some displays get developed at the museum; she said,  while others we borrow from other collections.
Bethany and her staff (one paid and a few volunteers) have begun to identify and catalogue all donated items. It is a daunting task as there are about 10,000  items.
The City is looking for advisory board members. One can apply on the City website before the end of November. Waite concluded by encouraging Rotarians to obtain a membership by stopping off at the museum.