Liberal Party of Canada candidate, Bob Nault was the first candidate of the Kenora Riding to speak to Dryden Rotary about his platform in this the October 2015 election.  
Nault began by provided us with a short background about himself and some of his plans for this riding from the Liberals.
Bob began his political career as a councillor for the City of Kenora and was first elected as
the Liberal representative to the House of Commons in 1988. He remained the District of Kenora MP until 2004 when he retired. From 1999 - 2003, he was the Federal Indian Affairs minister.
​Nault is running again because the North is not growing and there is presently 12.9% unemployment in the North.
Bob’s vision of the North includes a more comprehensive health care system that works. This means cooperation with the Provinces so that aboriginal health care is not a separate system.
He also wants to see more all-weather roads in the North and wishes to see a revenue sharing agreement between the Federal government, the Provinces, and the first nations on resource development.
Bob also is involving many young people in his campaign and trying to promote democracy by ensuring that as many persons, especially First Nations peoples, get registered.
Bob Nault’s Dryden office is at 27 King Street. He can be contacted at 807-223-911, 807-467-8465 or