Winners of the Royal Conservatory of Music awards and the Rotary Public Speaking contest entertained local Rotary members at the Centre for Performing Arts in Dryden.

Nathan & HaileyWinner of the Intermediate Royal Conservatory of Music trophy, Hailey Gilmour shares the piano with the winner of the Junior Royal Conservatory of Music trophy Nathan Peters.

Standing in the background are piano teachers Rena Fotheringham and Heather Spoozak who were presented with an appreciation award for all the work they do to prepare the music students. Nathan and Hailey each delighted the audience with a few select pieces on the piano.

Landon & MollyThird place in the Speech Awards went to William Stanley for his “My Life as a Hockey Puck”. While William was unable to attend, second place winner Landon Bilous of New Prospect made his points about “The Corner Store”...and the benefits of hunting.    Open Roads student and first place winner, Molly Patterson entertained the audience with her ideas on “The Battle of the Sexes – Who is the Most Annoying?” The answer was inconclusive and left for an engaged audience to resolve.

Special thanks goes to the Rotary judges for the time spent going to the schools and listening to all 38 candidates! The participation and popularity of the public speaking is a result of the long time efforts of Rotarian Ian Nixon who was honoured with a trophy in his name.