Club member, John Borst, editor of the club's website, shared a presentation he put together titled “Live Streaming: Its time has Arrived.”
According to John, live streaming is the transmitting of live video and audio coverage of an event as it is happening over the Internet. It is like having a TV broadcasting station.
In the process, Borst explained the differences and the advantages of each video-conferencing and live-streaming. Video conferencing allows two-way communication but requires software downloading while live-streaming creates a better quality video with a potentially unlimited audience. Live-streaming can occur simultaneously on the club’s website, Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope (Twitter), plus others.

The Presentation With Audio

Borst proposed the Boxcast system as the broadcast medium and outlined some of the options it provides along with the cost.
His vision for live-streaming would be to connect with people in NWO towns and villages such as Red Lake, Fort Frances, Ignace, Machin, Emo and Rainy River as well as First Nations in the far North. His goal is to interest them in Rotary, encouraging them to become members without actually living in Dryden. In the larger communities hoped enough people might be interested
to form a Rotary club.
Depending on the hardware equipment purchased start-up costs varied from about $1500 to $6000.
The following video demonstrates the features of the BoxCast Dashboard
A lively discussion followed, and a consensus developed that the proposal requires more investigation with emphasis on its costs and benefits.
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