Cole Ford and Ashley Armit, two students from Dryden High School, attended the 2018 Rotary Adventures in Agriculture Program in Regina organised by the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview from November 21st - 25th, 2018.
Events they participated in were:
  • Visiting equipment suppliers such as John Deere, Red Head Equipment, and McKay Empire Weiss the World’s largest producers of tilling equipment;
  • Attending a Rotary meeting at the Delta Hotel
  • A visit to the Canadian Western Agribition which is a blend of agriculture such as the largest livestock show on the continent, Indigenous culture, and festive entertainment including a rodeo;
  • A lecture about financing an agricultural enterprise;
  • A visit to the Province of Saskatchewan Legislature and
  • A visit to the biology laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan on the last day;
Participants had to give a speech after the event. Cole’s speech was on the high cost of food in northern communities.
Cole was asked if he intended going into farming but indicated he was heading into power engineering at Fanshawe College
Cynthia read the speech of Ashley as she was unable to be present. Both students thanked Rotary for the opportunity to attend the three-day workshop.
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