Posted by Ed Iskra on Nov 18, 2017
Each year, The Rotary Club of The Pas organizes a trip to Churchill Manitoba for Rotary Youth Exchange students to see polar bears in the wild. But this year has been exceptionally hard.
Without the rail service most items, including foodstuffs, must be flown in.  Our Past District Governor, Rick Hubbs checked into things Rotary Clubs could do to alleviate this hardship and determined that supporting the “school’s food program would be the best and fairest cause.” 
Rick has asked all Rotary Clubs to donate what they could.  With the limited time before the Churchill trip, Dryden Rotarians passed the hat and collected $675.00 in time for Swedish exchange student, Varja to bring an early Christmas gift to the school in Churchill.
Rick reported that youth exchange students and chaperones stopped by the school and presented the principal with a total amount of  $ 7,450.00. The principal was taken aback by the generous amount and the word spread fast.  “We were thanked by a couple citizens the next day when we were in town,” said Rick.
“We all had a good time….saw Polar Bears, Arctic Fox and Ptarmigan,” added the former District Governor.