Posted by John Borst on Nov 01, 2017
ShelterBox, a supplier of crisis shelter tents, and an official partner of Rotary International is richer by 2 ShelterBoxes after Dryden Rotary’s concert staring The Mudmen, a Celtic rock band featuring none other than two bagpipers. 
According to organizer Rtn. Jeannie McMaster 234 tickets were sold. This should net a profit sufficient to donate 2 more ShelterBoxes which will provide shelter, emergency services and resources to those who are left homeless due to natural disasters or conflicts around the world.
Before the entertainment began Ron and Claire Noseworthy of the Kenora Rotary Club, one of Canada’s leading ShelterBox teams told the audience that ShelterBox relies on public funds to run the program, stressing they don't receive government or private financing.
Ron said that right now they are able to help roughly 130,000-150,000 people a year, however, he said their target is providing support for 1-million people a year by 2025.
The Mudmen, composed of Sandy Campbell on bagpipes (left)and his brother Robby (Bagpipes right) Mike Meacher (lead singer, guitar & banjo) Dan Westenenk (bass guitar) and Jeremy Burton on drums played a variety of tunes from their 8 previous albums plus new pieces from their forthcoming album.
A highlight of the evening was when a wee lad, Alex, came on stage, danced and got a chance to play the drums, his favourite instrument.

Sandy Campbell & Rtn. Jack McMaster sell CDs


Robby Campbell chats with patron

During the intermission and after the show members of the band mingled with the crowd.

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