Four times a year the eight member Dryden Rotary Charity Foundation meets under the leadership of Rotarian and Past Club President Rena Madden, to disperse the money raised through the Dryden Rotary Bingo proceeds.
Ignace Food Bank (Mary Berglund)
$2 000
Chukuni Christmas Cheer (Ear Falls)
$1 000
Chukuni Christmas Cheer (Red Lake).
$3 500
Dryden Christmas Cheer
$3 500
Dryden Food Bank - Refrigeration Van project
$10 000
Dryden Children’s Delight Concert Series
$4 000
Dryden Skating Club.
$2 200
Open Roads Public School Basketball - travel.
$2 400
Rotary Student Program - Adventures in Agriculture.
$1 440
Rotary Student Program RYLA - Sept 11 presentation
Performing Arts Music Oct 23
Performing Arts - Speech performances
Rotary Program - Adventures in Human Rights
All Organizations
$31 011
New this year to this list is the Dryden Food Bank's refrigerated van. This is a $70,000 item for the Food Bank. It is a necessary requirement in order for the Food Bank to meet Ontario's regulations regarding the picking up of food items from stores such as the major grocery stores in Dryden. Such a van will permit the Food Bank to retrieve more food for their clients during the year. Dryden Rotary's contribution will kick-start the Food Banks fund-raising to pay for the van.