Posted by John Borst on Dec 24, 2018
“We are getting older and will eventually need many of the services provided by Patricia Region Senior Services Inc.” Joy Auren, the new Volunteer and Community Engagement Planner at Patricia Gardens, told Dryden Rotarians at their meeting on Wednesday. 
Audin began her luncheon speech with the song “Wavin’ Flag.”
When I get older
I will be stronger 
They'll call me 'Freedom.'
Just like a wavin' flag
She resighted, a surprisingly long list of services provided both to the residents in Patricia Gardens and the wider community.
Meals on Wheels,
Life Enrichment Program,
Grocery Shopping Program,
Friendly Visitor Program,
Frozen Foods Program,
Emergency Response,
Social Luncheon Program,
Home Help,
Community Dining Program,
Transportation Program,
Supportive Housing Program,
Community Maintenance

Volunteers Needed

Some of these programs require paid help, but many survive on volunteers.
Joy advised Rotarians that they have lost a few volunteers for Meals on Wheels so are looking for help in that area.
Programs such as Grocery Shopping and Frozen Foods also require volunteers to shop for those seniors who cannot get out.
Auden also said they are looking for volunteers not just from Rotary but from the wider community, especially some who are willing to spend a bit of time with our seniors.
Joy indicated that all volunteers must obtain a police background check, but there is no cost to the volunteer. If interested or wanting more info, contact Joy at 220-5822