On a sunny Saturday morning, October 10th nine Dryden Rotarians with two family members plus two out of town guests, spent an hour of fellowship walking the trails of the Laura Howe Marsh.
Organized by Rtns. Christine and Noel Smith the idea was to have an opportunity to socialize in a safe environment while getting a little exercise during this time of Covid-19 induced isolation.
Situated on the southern perimeter of the town, the marsh has a quiet and easy 2 km trail. It is a typical wetland where the water is usually less than two metres deep which is ideal for rooted aquatic plants such as reeds, cattails, arrowheads, water lilies and pondweeds to grow. A short walk through a forest environment takes you to the marsh from the parking lot and kiosk off Van Horne Ave just south of Wabigoon Drive. Deer, red foxes, frogs, turtles, blue herons, and Canada Geese are just some of the wildlife you may see depending on your luck and time of the year.
On a personal note, during the walk I had an opportunity to talk with the guests of our president Anna Traini, Margaret Murray and her daughter Amanda. Margaret is from Fergus, in Southern Ontario and knew of my sister who lives next door in Elora. Both towns are on the Grand River and possess old stone buildings quarried from the local rock near where their new joint hospital has been built. Amanda lives and works in Collingwood in sports promotion and tourism.
Upon our return, walk organizer Christine Smith shared home made muffins with all participants, proving once again that Rotary fellowship is alive and well even during a pandemic.


Gathering for the Walk
Entering the Trail
Walking the Forest 
View of the Marsh
Gathering for Walk two
Christine Brings Muffins to Enjoy