The ‘New Year,’ wasn’t the only reason Dryden Rotarians had to celebrate, as 2018 began. January 2018 will stand out in the history of the Club, as the year it reached parity between men and women. 


Donna pollock
cynthia palermo
With the induction of Donna Pollock at the January 17th meeting, followed by the induction of Cynthia Palermo a week later the club’s membership reached 60, and the two women created the magical point of equality of the sexes for the first time.
Dryden’s club, even before equality simply had the greatest number of women of any club in the District including the downtown club of Winnipeg with its much larger numbers.
Both Pollock and Palermo will give the club a little speech on their careers. A speech Rotarians call a “Vocational” talk. Donna is the General Manager at Patricia Area Community Endeavours while Cindy is a teacher at Dryden High School.