Wasn't that a ducky afternoon!

Skene's Landing on the Wabigoon River was the place to see ducks on Sunday...not Mergansers or Mallards, but 1,000 little yellow ducks bobbing their way towards the dock in Rotary's Lucky Duck race.
And the winners from all these lucky ducks were:
Duck #263 - P. Rigey for $1000
Duck #562 - H. Hanson for $500
Duck #410 - D. Miller for $400
Duck #414 - J. Hewitson for $300
Duck #350 - A. Aitken for $200
And one more winner - Rotary Youth programs in Dryden.  The community's support for the Lucky Duck Race makes our club's Youth programs a winner too!
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets or came down to the Landing to cheer the ducks on. And a big shout out to Lotto One for selling tickets for us as well!