Posted by John Borst on Aug 06, 2018
Terry Ollerhead of Dryden’s Lutheran Parish provided a brief update on their work in Haiti.
Ollerhead began by placing the condition of Haiti in perspective:
  • The poorest country in the western hemisphere
  • Infant mortality rate is ten times Canada’s—55/1000
  • Life expectancy is approximately 18 years less than in Canada ( 63-81)
  •  80% of primary schools funded by not for profit groups
  • Hydro and highway infrastructure is not well maintained or non-existent
  • Only 25% of homes have running water
In 2015 Terry and another member of the Lutheran Church went to Haiti to determine how they could support the community.  
Since then, the Dryden community has:
  • Built a Group home on the 4 acres of property that they bought
  • Sponsorship for education for 14 students – tuition and school supplies
  • Community well drilled
  • Promoted growing own food through sponsorship of permaculture knowledge
  • Built a berm to collect water to extend growing season
  • Supported acquisition of goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys
  • Made improvements to other neighbourhood house such as concrete floors, solar panels and lighting.
Terry and his group are currently sponsoring 14 children to attend school in Haiti. Seven attend high school, and the other seven are in grades from kindergarten to grade 8. In 2017, the average tuition per child was $350.00. Children in Public School pay less than those in High School. The 2018 Lutheran community is committed to adding at least two more children to their list.
Currently, they are seeking sponsorship for an additional five students. The $350 sponsorship pays tuition for a year, provides a school uniform and most school books and supplies. If you wish to sponsor a child, contact Terry at